Acts of the Buddha

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Contents of Acts of the Buddha.  Please Note: It is organized here in four parts.  If you get lost, that is, if you cannot find the chapter after the one you have finished, come back to this "contents" page by using the "Up" links found at the bottom of your page.  

Introduction: About the author, Ashvagosha, his contribution to our understanding & some links.


Chapter One: The City, Its Good King, Queen Maya's Nature, the Elephant Manifestation, Birth of a Buddha, All Realms Rejoice & White Canopy.

Chapter Two: A Father's Concerns, Swami Ashita's vision & his Regrets.

Chapter Three: Growing Up, A King's Devotion, Marriage & the Birth of Rahula.

Chapter Four: A Springtime Excursion & 3 City Sights & A Private Party. 


Chapter Five: A Ploughed Field, Divine Intervention, Beauty & a Beast.

Chapter Six:  Leaving Home & Sad Partings.

Chapter Seven: Bhrigu's Yoga Ashram & the Two Methods.

Chapter Eight: Meanwhile, or What Happened When Chanda Returned. 


Chapter Nine: Two Arguments Under a Tree: A Politician and A Priest. 

Chapter Ten:  At Rajagriha -- An Offer He Can Refuse.

Chapter Eleven:  Rejecting the Alliance & Ironic Pity for the King. 

Chapter Twelve: Determination, Doctrine, Fasting & Feasting the Senses & First Disciples


Chapter Thirteen:  Encountering Mara.

Chapter Fourteen:  Under the Tree.

Chapter Fifteen: The Jina's Choice & More Trees.

Chapter Sixteen:  The First Teaching -- Turning the Wheel of Dharma.

Chapter Seventeen:  Triumphant Return to Lumbini & a Display of Forms.

Please keep in mind that this is not a translation, but a rendering from earlier English versions so that Ashvaghosha's text is a little more accessible to everyone.     

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