Achi Chokyi Dolma

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Achi Chokyi Drolma

"Mother Achi is/was the grandmother of Lord Jigton Sumgon, founder of the Drikung Lineage. She is depicted in 2 forms --  peaceful and semi-wrathful. I have a picture of her standing, in peaceful form, such a sweet grandmother's smile, holding her mirror up to show us true nature of mind ...  and laughing, her darling feet in the cutest little shoes. She is also shown riding her Blue Wind Horse, ready to fly instantly to our help. She is total generosity. One time, one of her kids wanted to get married but there was no money for the wedding feast. So Mother Achi caused it to rain food and drink from the ceiling of the house. It doesn't matter to her if you want an hors d'oeuvre platter, she helps!

Two current stories of how Achi has helped us -- A few years back, our sangha hosted Kalachakra given by HH Penor Rinpoche.  (Penor Rinpoche and HH Karmapa are the root lamas of our Founder, Ayang Rinpoche.) Kalachakra was a BIG DEAL, way bigger than [any] our sangha had ever done. Lamas of high degree came from the entire world to participate. We were in panic mode! We didn't have a throne for HHPR, and we called down to Maryland ask if we could borrow his throne there. They said, no, sorry.

Then Garchen Rinpoche came and gave teachings (in the midst of all our preparations! Why does he want to come NOW, we don't have TIME!) and he gave Achi empowerment. My first empowerment. Within 5 minutes of the empowerment['s] ending, the phone rang. It was Maryland. Yes, they changed their minds. Sure we could have the throne. Thank you, Mother Achi!

Second story: So, the first time HE Garchen Rinpoche comes we have TERRIBLE translation. So he is scheduled for a summer retreat and we ask Sangje Khandro to translate but she is busy. I am doing day and night puja to Achi, please send us a good translator -- meaning, please send us Sangje Khandro. She still can't come, but we got Tashi Jamyangling (who the heck is this? is he any good?!) and Tashi was fantastic. At my interview with HE GR, I told him how I prayed to Achi and we got such a great translator, how good Tashi was, how wonderful it was to have good translation, etc.  Rinpoche just laughed and laughed. He told me, "Well, you see, Achi sent her best translator! Achi is Tashi's daily practice! 
... .

All praise to Achi Chokyi Drolma-la, fountain of blessings of the Drikung Kagyu!"

~Jen to the Kagyu email list

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