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Renewing motivation, from Shantideva's Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life :

 The Wish for Buddhahood Is Evergreen 

The source of all my good is my kind Lama, my Lord. 

1. Bless me first to see that taking myself to Him/Her in the proper way is the root of the path and grant me then to serve and follow Him/Her with all my strength and reverence. 

2. Bless me first to realize that the excellent life of leisure I have found just this once is ever so hard to find and ever so valuable. Grant me then, to wish and never stop to wish, that I can take its essence night and day. 

3. My body and my life are as fleeting as the bubbles in the sea froth of a wave. Bless me then, to recall the death that will destroy me soon and help me find sure knowledge that after I die the things I have done, the white and the black and what these deeds bring me, will follow close behind as certain as my shadow. 

4. Grant me then, ever to be careful to stop the slightest wrong of the many wrongs we do, and to try to carry out instead, each and every good of the many that we may. 

5. Bless me to perceive all that's wrong with the seemingly good things of this life.  I can never get enough of them, yet they cannot be trusted. 

They are the door to every pain I have. Grant me please to strive instead, for the happiness of freedom. 

This cycle of life with its different realms by its very nature is nothing but suffering. Consider the truth of these words; then seek the freedom from this cycle.  Find a way to smash the enemy, the afflictions of the mind. 

6. Bless me that these pure thoughts will lead me to be watchful and to recall what I should be doing. Grant me to give the greatest care. And to make the vows of morality the essence of my practice. 

This is the root of Buddha's teaching. 

7.  I have slipped and fallen into the sea of this suffering life. Bless me to see that every living being, every one my own mother, has fallen in, too. 

Grant me then, to practice this highest wish for enlightenment, to take upon myself the task of freeing them all. 

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