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Aspiration of Karma Rangjung Kunchab [Khyabje Kalu Rinpoche]

 Eight Thoughts of a Great Person

Through the power of the compassionate Truth of the Supreme Refuges and through the root of virtuous action, and through pure noble meditation, may I alone, by my own efforts, dispel the sufferings, whatever they may be, of all beings, who pervade space.

Through the excellence of virtuous activity in this world and beyond it, may I fulfill the hopes and desires of beings just as they conceive them.  

May my body, flesh, blood, skin, and all the rest of me benefit all sentient beings in appropriate ways.

May the sufferings of all beings, who all have been my mothers, dissolve into me; may my happiness and virtue be obtained by them.

As long as the world remains, may there not arise in my mind, even for an instant, the thought of harming others.

May I exert myself diligently in benefiting beings, not letting up for even a moment because of sadness or fatigue or anything similar.

May I be able to give effortlessly whatever enjoyment is desired to all beings who are thirsty and hungry and needy and poor.

May I take upon myself the great burdens, the difficult-to-bear sufferings of beings in hell and others, and may they be liberated.


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